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Jun 24, 2022

Karen Duffy, former MTV VJ, actress, and author of the New York Times bestseller "Model Patient" talks about her latest book "Wise Up: Irreverent Enlightenment From a Mother Who's Been Through It."

Jun 17, 2022

Joe McQuillen, author of "My Search for Christopher on the Other Side" and "We're Not Done Yet, Pop," talks about ways he's learned to communicate with his son from across the veil.

Jun 10, 2022

Michele Phillips - author of "Happiness is a Habit" talks about ways to raise your vibration and switch from "victim" to "victor".

Jun 3, 2022

Prajna Avalon talks about how we can connect to source energy to increase our vibration, and a workshop she's co-teaching about the lost lands of Atlantis and Lemuria.