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Sep 15, 2023

Karen Schultz, LCSW and author, talks about healing grief brought on through trauma. As a survivor of abuse when she was a child, she learned to connect with her higher self and God to get through the darkness. She now teaches self-love and healing techniques to her clients, and wrote about it in her children's book...

Sep 1, 2023

Rebecca Rosen, author of "What's Your Heaven? 7 Lessons to Heal the Past and Live Fully Now" talks with Jen about soul lessons, suicide, learning to trust those signs, and seeing things "through Divine eyes."

Aug 26, 2023

Farm owner Lynn Diettrich talks with Jen about connecting to the heartbeat of the horse, and how being with the animals helps not only adults, but anxious kids and teens to be more focused, calm, and productive. They also discuss "The Great Escape Retreat in South Dakota", and how you can make a soul connection just by...

Aug 5, 2023

Jen interviews the bestselling author of the book "American Psychic" Marla Frees about the power of healing through sound frequencies, and what began as a "reluctant" talent for being able to travel to other dimensions.

She will be a featured speaker at the All Souls' Retreat in Fontana, Wisconsin Nov 3-5 of 2023. More...

Jul 17, 2023

Jen talks with healer and best-selling author Pat Longo about the subtle ways the Divine will work through us, and how to be sure you are listening to those important messages.