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May 27, 2022

Jen interviews psychotherapist and medium Dr. Amy Robbins about how she works with patients, while using her intuitive abilities. As she explains, "Spirituality and psychology are not separate. They are one."

May 20, 2022

Jen interviews Lynn Diettrich of the Diettrich Farm about how we can connect to the heartbeat of the horse. By getting out of your mind, into your body, and embracing your spirit, the energy exchange between human and horse can be life changing.

May 13, 2022

Dr. Therese Rowley, author of the book "Mapping a New Reality" - talks about the significance of learning about past lives to promote healing, energetic agreements that show up as persistent life challenges, and how to accelerate your alignment.

May 6, 2022

Kayt Raymond, intuitive since the age of 3, left the corporate world after an encounter with Angels in 1996. She kept her abilities quiet until the angelic messages became too loud to ignore. She has now been communicating with the divine, and giving messages ever since.